3% Cashback with the CannyApp Prepaid Mastercard®

Register online now, and then download the CannyApp for free from the App Store or Google Play today for 3% cashback on overseas spend. Open an account and order a card in minutes! Directly from your mobile phone.

3 % Cashback on your spend with the CannyApp Mastercard

CannyApp makes life simple

Download the free App from the App Store or Google Play to access the very best in a prepaid debit card experience.

Our simple to use App has all the functions you would expect but is not cluttered with ones that you will never use! Making for a seamless, safe and easy to use experience

3 percent cashback with CannyApp

3% Cashback on all Overseas Spend*

You will receive 3% cashback on all overseas spend*. So for every £1,000 you spend – instead of charges you get £30 cash back with the CannyApp!

The terms and conditions of the cashback offer can be found here

Cashback earned is displayed in total in your cashback wallet on the home page of the App, and details per transaction can be seen by clicking on this total.

Spend overseas without fees using CannyApp

No Overseas Fees when you use CannyApp

You can use the card as you would any credit/debit card where you see the Mastercard symbol, knowing you won’t be seeing any surprise transaction fees on your return home.

The card can be used at any ATM and will be accessing funds from the monies pre-loaded on to the card – with no transaction fee.**

Our CannyApp card is also contactless.

Manage your balance with CannyApp

Manage your Balance with ease

With visibility of the balance on the home screen, you can see instantly how much money you have loaded and available to spend. 

Topping up the card is simple – you link to your preferred debit or credit card, and you can load instantly and start earning 3% cash back on all overseas spend*.

See transactions immediately – giving you absolute comfort and control in knowing what is being spent.

Fraud Protection with CannyApp

Anti Fraud Controls at your fingertips

Secure login to the App, via face recognition, fingerprint recognition or a 4 digit code gives you instant access to your account. 

Freeze or unfreeze your card without lengthy phone calls the moment you suspect anything suspicious.

Set and change your PIN in the App. 

If you do lose your phone with the App on it, you can call us from the number on the card to freeze the account.

Join CannyApp today

CannyApp Wallet

About CannyApp

CannyApp was founded by experienced travel professionals based on their own travel experiences and interactions with the travelling public over the last 30 years.

Have you ever checked your bank statement or credit card statement on the return from your dream holiday to be appalled and frustrated by the charges for using your debit or credit card on holiday?

With CannyApp there are no transactional charges….PLUS…. you will receive 3% cashback on all overseas spend transacted on your CannyApp card.

The CannyApp programme is governed by Transact Payments Limited (TPL) who are our licensed issuer, and authorised by the financial structures of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, GFSC.

Business with a human touch..

You can keep us at arms length if you wish, after registering on line,
download the App via the App Store or Google Play, go through security checks online, and order the card online. It couldn’t be simpler. You never need to speak to us!

However, we also recognise that from time to time, you may want to speak to a human being,  and so we have a UK based call centre that can help you when you need it. Just call us on 0204 505 9002 or email support@cannyapp.co.uk.

Need some help?

Many of the questions asked are similar from user to user, so you will very likely find your answer in our FAQs, please click through to check!

Remember if you cant find your answer there, then please call us on 0204 505 9002.

What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card is a card that is preloaded with funds from either your bank account, or from a credit card. Theprepaid card can then be used to pay for goods and services up to the value that is loaded on to it, wherever you see the Mastercard® Acceptance Mark, in bars, restaurants, shops and even on line.

Is the CannyApp card only for use overseas?

No, the CannyApp card can be used in the UK, but the main advantage is saving on bank or credit card charges overseas.

Why would I use a prepaid card?

High Street Banks, via debit cards, and credit card providers apply a charge for using a card overseas. With the CannyApp prepaid card there is no charge for use, and, there is a £30 cashback offer for every £1000 spent.

What is quarterly cashback?

Your Card will offer you the opportunity to earn 3% cash back on all non-pound sterling expenditure made through the Card.

How will I claim my quarterly cashback?

Your cash back amount can be claimed via the CannyApp at the end of each full quarter commencing the first month following your first qualifying expenditure on the Card, or whenever you have earned a minimum of £100 cash back whichever first occurs.

Registration available from February 2021

Check back in February to register for the app and order your CannyApp card.

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